A Great Hiring Solution Starts with an Exceptional Customer Experience

How VidCruiter Delivers the Premium Client Service and 24/7 Applicant Support That Your Organization Deserves

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VidCruiter’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients build a customized recruitment process that delivers the highest quality employees in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our Team Works for Our Clients

VidCruiter has a dedicated team to provide you with the best recruitment software available. The system has been designed to adapt to your needs, and our team will be there to ensure that happens seamlessly. With a team of Client Success Managers providing unlimited setup and training to your users and our Applicant Success team offering 24/7 support to your candidates, the entire recruitment process will be as easy as possible for your organization.

VidCruiter is continually improving our product offering, and feedback from our clients has always been a critical part of our evolution. We still listen to insights to not only understand how we can help them today, but also discover ways to assist them in the future.

The following services are provided to every client:

Onboarding and Training

Client Success Manager(s)

Depending on the size of your contract, you will be assigned one or more Client Success Managers that will act as your personal VidCruiter assistants. Your Client Success Manager(s) will be there anytime you require assistance with your account and can be contacted by phone, email, or the platform’s built-in chat feature.

Global Client Success Managers

VidCruiter has Client Success Managers in every major region of the world to ensure you always get the best local service in your timezone and language. Whether you are doing a simple roll out locally or a global roll-out, our team can help.

Client Success Manager Ratio

Every VidCruiter Client Success Manager is assigned a small group of clients to ensure they can provide each of them with the attention they deserve. Being responsible for a select number of clients allows our Client Success Managers to respond to you promptly. We are never overcapacity to ensure that you get the best possible service.

Customized Success Plan

An implementation guide and plan will be provided to all key stakeholders. We will help onboard and train all users to ensure your organization receives the maximum benefit from the system.

Minimum of 3 Training Classes for Main Users

Your organization’s main users will be identified as Super Admin Users in the platform. During the onboarding process, Super Admin Users will receive the most in-depth training to ensure they can utilize the system effectively.

Unlimited Follow-up Training

Additional training sessions can be scheduled with your organization’s Client Success Manager as they are needed. Some common examples of supplemental training sessions are; refresher training, advanced feature training, and onboarding of new users.

Training Modules

Self-training is available if you would prefer to learn on your own or require a quick refresher. You will have unlimited access to a complete set of tutorials that cover the VidCruiter platform’s features and functionality.

Custom Training for Different Types of Users

On top of the regular training for your main users, the VidCruiter Client Success Team will also provide custom training for other types of users such as hiring managers and department heads. Typically, the training for additional types of users is conducted via a recorded webinar, which also includes a custom training guide (PPT) that outlines how they will use the platform. The custom training sessions ensure that everyone in your organization knows how to use the products based on their needs.

Setup and Quality Assurance

Recruitment Experience

Our Client Success Managers will draw on their experiences with clients from various industries, from all around the world, to provide you with a number of valuable insights and best practices. Many of our clients allow us to share their position templates, allowing you to benefit from an entire database of recruitment knowledge.

Initial Position(s) and Template(s) Setup

The VidCruiter team will set up your initial position(s) in order for your organization to experience the benefits from day 1. All you will need to do is send us your interview questions and specific parameters, and we will input them for you. The initial position(s) can also be saved as templates that will help you create your future positions more easily.

Setup Time

Potential clients often ask us how long it takes before the setup is complete and they can go live. Typically, small accounts are up and running within 72 hours of signing a contract. For larger scale global roll-outs, we work with your organization to establish a custom success plan which ensures that desired timelines are met.

Digitized Interview Guides

Our team will take all your existing video interview guides and implement them into the system for you. We will help ensure your transition from paper-based to digital forms occurs seamlessly.

Pre-Populated Applicants

Once your initial position has been created, we will provide you with “test” applicants. Test applicants will allow you to perfect your recruitment process and familiarize yourself with the platform’s functionality before you begin managing actual applicants.

Position Testing

For the first two months, our team will test every single position that you make live. We will make sure everything is set up properly to ensure your team and applicants have a positive experience.



All of the platform’s applicant-facing components and communication will be customized to match your organization’s branding. You do not have to worry about spending hours setting up your branding as our team will incorporate it for you. Options are also available if you require different branding for different positions.


The VidCruiter platform was designed to be flexible and can integrate with your existing systems in a variety of ways. Please contact our demo team for more information regarding specific integrations.

Applicant Experience

24/7 Applicant Support

The VidCruiter Applicant Success Team is always ready to assist your applicants and will ensure that every one of them has a positive experience. Anytime one of your applicants reaches out to us, the VidCruiter Applicant Success Team will respond within 1 minute via email or phone.

Customized Applicant Success

We will create a customized support plan that will match your organization’s unique needs.

Candidate Surveys

We will help you set up surveys that will allow applicants to provide you with feedback regarding their application experience. You will have access to a variety of reports that will provide you with valuable information and help you improve your recruitment process.

Long-Term Partnership

Continuous Workflow Optimization

Your Client Success Manager will continually work with you to improve your recruitment process. Advanced training sessions and introduction to new products and features are just a few ways we will ensure your organization receives the maximum benefit that the platform can offer.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.