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Chicanos Por La Causa accelerates offer-stage processing by 95%

Arizona, USA
Community Development

Automated Reference Checks

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50 Percent Organizational time to fill was reduced by almost 50%
99 days The time to hire in Arizona went from 136 days down to 37
80 percent Applicant ghosting reduced by about 80% during the hiring process

The Client

Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) is a community development corporation based in Arizona that advocates for underserved communities. It has a staff of nearly 1700 and impacts more than 2 million people every year throughout Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and California.

Inspired by Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez, CPLC was formed in 1969 to fight discrimination against the Mexican American community and advocate for equity in education, politics, and labor conditions.

From helping small businesses across America survive the pandemic, serving youth across three participating schools, empowering clients through supportive housing, to leading large-scale voting campaigns, CPLC provides services to people of all backgrounds while honoring its Mexican American roots.

In addition to delivering events and services, CPLC manages mission-driven for-profit subsidiaries to help fund its non-profit charitable initiatives, ensuring its mission will continue sustainably into the future.

CPLC client family

The Challenge

CPLC recognized the need for a technology partner to modernize its manual system. Because CPLC employs people across multiple regulated work jurisdictions, it needed an enterprise system that would help it meet federal compliance requirements. The clients’ offer-stage "reference check process" took 183 days in some states, resulting in some applicants ghosting in the final step. CPLC wanted a flexible solution that would fit within its current workflow and reduce time in the offer stage.

The Solution

Automated reference checking helped CPLC shorten its offer-stage process by removing the need for paper forms and phone calls and automatically notifying and collecting references within the platform. VidCruiter worked with CPLC to build several templates and provided training so the client could independently customize them, making the whole process smoother, even in unique use cases.

Thanks to our FCOP and EEOC compliance expertise, VidCruiter noticed an opportunity to reduce the number of questions in the reference check form. Working directly with the client, the implementation team helped reduce the length of the reference form by over 35% while still meeting all the requirements.

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Automating through VidReference also allowed CPLC to decrease the average time spent in the offer stage from 183 days to 10 days after implementation.

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“It’s helped us out tremendously. The managers are happy they don’t have to chase people anymore… it’s an electronic process, so we get better responses from people on both sides: the new hire filling out their information, and the people replying.”

Ann Whitacre

Talent Acquisition Director

Chicanos Por La Causa

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The Results

VidCruiter helped CPLC reduce the amount of applicant withdrawal in the offer stage by making the process faster and easier for everyone involved. Within the first six months of working with VidCruiter, CPLC went from having 80 open positions to about 40, all while increasing the number of hires they onboarded. Overall, CPLC increased applicant flow by 62%, and the VidCruiter platform was able to play an important part in the hiring process.

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“If we don’t have enough staff in place, we have to close classrooms, and the community suffers… it’s just organically starting to help us through every stage of the process, and it’s a better experience for everybody.”

Ann Whitacre

Talent Acquisition Director

Chicanos Por La Causa

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