Top Five Use Cases of a Live Interview Solution

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How Recruiters Use a Live Interview Solution

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While many assume VidCruiter is just another video interview solution, our clients are constantly finding new ways to utilize live interviewing for their recruitment process. Making recruitment more efficient was the goal of VidCruiter’s founders when they started developing a video interviewing solution, and recruiters are constantly discovering new ways to achieve that goal with this software. The flexibility of the system is one reason why companies love it, some of which have even started using it outside the scope of the recruitment process, as well.

Use Case #1: Replace the First In-Person Interviews

Live interviewing works as a great replacement for in-person interviews during the recruitment process. The software makes it convenient for recruiters to interview a large number of candidates without actually having to meet them, saving time for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

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Use Case #2: Reduce or Eliminate Travel Costs

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The great part about using a video interviewing solution is recruiters get to connect with applicants from across the globe. There’s no need to fly a candidate in from the other side of the country and pay for travel expenses when using live interviewing, which can save a significant amount of time and money for the company.

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Use Case #3: Hire Remotely with Live Video Interviewing

These days, more companies are giving employees the opportunity to work from home instead of in an office setting. While the benefits and disadvantages can be debated for hours, live interviewing makes it easier for applicants to connect with recruiters working remotely. Just send an invite to everyone you need to be included in a meeting or interview, and they will all be able to connect via video conferencing.

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Use Case #4: Recruiters Want a Face-To-Face Experience While Saving Time

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A lot of information can be gathered during face-to-face interviews, that’s why recruiters love it so much. To get an experience that is similar without the need to actually meet the candidate in a boardroom is a huge time saver. The only other option, though, is using a modern recruitment software designed to help people connect through the internet.

Use Case #5: Never Miss an Interview with Recording Option

It’s common for recruiters or hiring managers to get bogged down with different tasks, making it easy for them to miss an important interview with a candidate. This doesn’t have to be a concern when using live interviewing because each video interview has the option to be recorded. If a recruiter or hiring manager was unable to make it or brought in later to give a second opinion, they can watch the interview and know exactly what was said.

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What Else Can I Learn About Live Interviewing?

Still curious about what a live video interviewing solution can do for you? Check out some of the articles below to discover different features and benefits of using this kind of system.

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