Has Interview Fatigue Ever Made it Difficult for You to Remain Enthusiastic While Interviewing Multiple Candidates

Remain enthusiastic by organizing multiple interviews simultaneously

Why It Can Be Hard for Recruiter to Remain Excited After a Long Day of Interviewing

Recruiters have always understood the exhaustion that comes with back-to-back interviews all day long. Without a solution, this exhaustion could cost us not just a positive interview experience, but the perfect candidate as well.

No matter how much we might like talking to people, or how excited we are about our own company, every person has a limit to how long enthusiasm can last without taking a break.

In many cases for recruiters, however, that crucial break isn’t an option when we are working around everyone else’s schedule. Often during the screening stage, we end up with back-to-back interviews lasting the entire day, sometimes all week, where we must repeatedly pick up the phone, with little time to catch our breath in between.

Helen, a recruiter, understands this scenario all too well and has seen many times how this routine wears down her excitement and enthusiasm when she is interviewing her clients. Usually, by mid-afternoon, she grows tired and finds herself just trying to get through to the end of the day. She notices she is less engaged with the conversation and is not able to provide the same thorough responses she was earlier in the day.

It is clear candidates are picking up on Helen’s tone, and are responding with the same lack of interest. Their answers are shorter and less detailed than the answers she had gotten earlier in the day, and she is almost certain it is because of her demeanor.

Of course, as any of us would, Helen feels terrible she is unable to help this shift in energy. She knows she is providing the candidate with a negative interview experience, potentially causing them to lose interest in the position. She is also representing the company poorly, as this comes off as unprofessional.

Make Every Interview an Engaging Experience for You and the Candidate by Using One-Way Interviewing

After recognizing this issue, Helen’s goal was to find the solution to her seemingly unavoidable problem. Only months later, she has achieved this by using one-way video interviewing software to overcome the exhaustion of a long day of interviewing.

With video hiring, recruiters only have to record or write their questions once and upload them to the software, meaning each candidate receives the same experience every time. Also because of this feature, she is no longer overwhelmed with days of back-to-back phone interviews where she must stay engaged in conversation throughout.

Helen is now able to save valuable time and is able to record herself enthusiastically explaining the role and asking candidates her questions. Now, Helen says when she does meet with candidates, there is a much more positive rapport and engagement due to the level of energy early on. Helen now feels like applicants are more comfortable around her, and because of this, she is getting the best interview results from them.

Many recruiters face the same issue that Helen did before she started using a video interviewing tool, and as they make the switch too, they are becoming more relieved, and less exhausted throughout their workday. Now, these recruiters are receiving much more positive feedback about their screening process, and are getting the most from their candidates.

When conducting too many back-to-back interviews, it can be easy for a recruiter to get burned out. Join a live demo today to find out about the countless features that VidCruiter’s recruitment software offers to help every member of the hiring team remain energized and focused.