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Structured interviews, when administered correctly, have a predictive validity of 62% – twice as high as the predictive validity of unstructured interviews.

During a structured digital interview, every candidate is asked the same questions, in the same way, and in the same order. This ensures that each candidate receives the same interview experience and gives the hiring team the most accurate picture of the candidate. The addition of competency based rating scales to an interview helps the interviewers identify what to look for while evaluating an applicant’s responses, helps control against unconscious bias, and prevents the negative effects of inconsistent interviewing methods.



Protect Yourself from Lawsuits

Structured interviews can act as a legal defense against any unfounded charges of discrimination. When every candidate goes through the same interview process – one that adheres to government regulations – it is much easier to prove that no illegal criteria entered into consideration during the hiring process.

digital interview


digital interviews

Works with All Types of Interviews

VidCruiter’s Digital Structured Interviews were designed to work with a variety of interview formats throughout your entire recruitment process. Digital versions of your interview guides can be used for live video interviews, pre-recorded video interviews, and in-person interviews.


Use Any Device

With VidCruiter, Digital Structured Interviews can be conducted from any device. Interviewers can access interview guides and rubrics, have a video conference, or score candidates whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

digital interviewing


structured digital interview

Eliminate Personal Biases

In unstructured interview scenarios, interviewers may ask different questions to different candidates, or they may be subconsciously swayed by characteristics that have nothing to do with the candidate’s ability to do the job. With structured interviews, candidates are selected based on objective rankings, not subjective instincts.


Establish a Reliable Scoring Baseline

During video interviews, rubrics and rankings appear on the screen so interviewers can easily scan the rubric, see what each score means, and choose the appropriate one. Keep your focus where it needs to be instead of switching back and forth between the candidate and your guide.

structured digital interviews


structured digital interviewing

No Manual Data Collection

VidCruiter’s advanced rating system allows you to completely digitize and customize any rubric or interview guide. The system will automatically capture all the data for every applicant from any device that an interviewer is using. Interviewers no longer need to record their notes on paper and manage stacks of interview guides. The automatic data collection makes organizing and reviewing all of your candidate data easy and hassle-free.


Automatic Candidate Rankings

Our software calculates candidate rankings automatically and instantly. As soon as each interviewer records their score for a given response, VidCruiter takes these scores and calculates the ranking in real-time. At any point in the process, interviewers can quickly identify the top candidates.

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digital interview scheduling

Easy Scheduling

Our built-in scheduler allows candidates to select an interview time, and all parties are automatically notified. The system automatically sends the proper interview guides and rubrics to all the interviewers. The interview can also be recorded, allowing members of the hiring team that were unable to make it to score the candidate with the same guide at a later time.


Customized Workflow

Every VidCruiter digital interview is 100% customizable. The platform allows you to build a customized workflow for each position, which is entirely based on your current recruitment process. VidCruiter’s flexibility ensures that the system adapts to your needs instead of making you adjust to a rigid digital interviewing software. Custom workflows can also be saved as templates, making the setup of future positions even easier.


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