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VidCruiter offers a number of different types of integrations to meet the unique needs of every client and coordinate with the software that they use.

The best way for you to understand how the VidCruiter platform will work with your system(s) is arranging a conversation with one of our product experts.


Here is a complete list of the various ways that the VidCruiter platform will integrate with other vendors and their software:


Depending on the type of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that your organization uses, some of these types of integrations may not be relevant. If you are taking advantage of VidCruiter’s Applicant Tracking System (VidTracking), integrations 3-11 are the only ones that need to consider. If you are using another ATS provider all of the different types of integrations may be relevant for your organization.


Type 1: Simple Integration (Shareable Profile Link)

VidCruiter’s simple integration instantly works with any type of software without requiring any coding. The VidCruiter platform creates a unique profile link for each applicant that can either be shared via email or copied directly into another system. If needed, these links can be password protected and they will never be found on search engines such as Google. With VidCruiter’s simple integration your team simply needs to copy the link and paste into your ATS, CRM, or other system. Once the link has been integrated, all of the VidCruiter data will immediately available within your system.

There is no added cost for VidCruiter’s simple integration and it is compatible with any system from day 1. The simple integration is often used during proof of concepts or pilots. Unless a client absolutely requires it, VidCruiter rarely sets up more complex integrations without a full contract being signed.

Type 2: Applicant Tracking System Integration

VidCruiter’s Applicant Tracking System Integration is compatible with all of the major applicant tracking systems (ATS). The VidCruiter team is continually partnering with new applicant tracking system vendors, so even if your ATS isn’t listed below, development may already be underway.

With VidCruiter’s ATS Integration, all of the applicant data will flow from your ATS into the VidCruiter platform to automatically create their VidCruiter profile. Once the profile is created, the appropriate invitations are triggered and the applicants can complete their video interview, automated reference check, or any other step that uses the VidCruiter platform. After the applicant completes their step, all of the data stored on their profile link is automatically added back into your ATS.

With the ATS Integration, your team is still required to sign into the VidCruiter platform to configure the step. In some cases, your team may also need to perform additional actions such as sending out rating invitations or syncing calendars. Considering that most of the actions can be automated, the required effort is minimal and your team typically only needs to commit 20 minutes or less per position. Status changes can also be triggered from either system that often minimizes the amount of actions that require your team to sign into the VidCruiter platform.

The Applicant Tracking System Integration is VidCruiter’s most common type of integration and may have a small fee that varies based on the size of the client’s contract.


Completed Applicant Tracking System Integrations:

Applicant Tracking System Integrations Currently in Development:

Our development team is making progress with these Applicant Tracking Integrations on a daily basis. Arrange a conversation with one of our Demo Experts to find out more details regarding the integration with your ATS.


Are we missing your ATS?

We are constantly adding new ATS integrations, so ask one of our Demo Experts about an integration with your ATS.

Type 3: Full Integration

A Full Integration is a completely customized integration that is designed specifically to work with your system and its unique needs. The cost of a Full Integration depends on the complexity and scope required as well as the size of the client’s contract.

You can arrange a call with one of our product experts to learn how the VidCruiter platform can fully integrate with your system.


Type 4: Customized Data Download/Upload

With VidCruiter’s Custom Data Download System, your team can download a spreadsheet that contains any type of data and then upload it into a another system.
The Custom Data Download System can be adjusted to include all of the necessary applicant information and match the required format of any system. Downloads can either be done on a per applicant basis or you can export the information for an entire group of applicants all at once. Pre-set spreadsheet templates can also be used to make it even easier for the downloaded spreadsheet to match your system’s upload requirements.

There is no added cost for VidCruiter’s Customized Data Download System and it is compatible with any system from day 1. This is the most common type of data transfer that is used by VidCruiter clients.

Type 5: Automated Data Push

VidCruiter’s Automated Data Push is a type of data transfer where information is sent to another system automatically. This type of integration has been used to push data to payroll systems, time and attendance systems, job boards, and other systems that require data to flow out from the VidCruiter platform.

Typically, the Automated Data Push is a custom built integration that is designed based on the specific requirements of a client’s system. Usually, the data push is automatically triggered by a status change, but it can also be initiated manually. The Automated Data Push can transfer data for a group of applicants or for a single applicant.

Typically, there is a fee associated with Automated Data Push that depends on the complexity and scope required as well as the size of the client’s contract. This is the least common type of data transfer that is used by VidCruiter clients.


Current Automated Data Push Partners:


Time and Attendance


Type 6: Applicant Skill Testing and Psychometric Testing Integrations

VidCruiter has two different types of integrations for applicant skills testing and psychometric testing. Depending on the vendor or system, some of the tests are completed within the VidCruiter platform and and others are completed outside of the VidCruiter platform.

Type 6A: Applicants Complete the Test Outside of the VidCruiter System

With this type of integration, applicants are redirected into another system to complete their test. While going through the application process, the applicant will reach a page which provides them with instructions and a link to the test. Once the applicant has completed the test in the other system, they can then come back to the VidCruiter system to verify that the task is complete and proceed with any remaining steps.

This type of integration requires very minimal setup and rarely requires additional fees to set up. This is the most common type of testing integration used by VidCruiter clients.

Current External Testing Partners:


Type 6B: Applicants Complete the Test Inside of the VidCruiter System

With this type of integration, applicants complete their test inside the VidCruiter platform without getting redirected to another system. Once the applicant has completed the test, they simply continue with the rest of the application.
This type of integration requires very minimal setup and rarely has additional fees to set up. This is also a common type of testing integration used by VidCruiter clients.

Current Internal Testing Partners:


Type 7: Background Check Partner

By partnering with Checkr, the industry leader in background screening, VidCruiter can offer a fully integrated background checking solution to its clients. With this partnership, the Checkr solution is embedded into the VidCruiter platform and does not require applicants to go through an external system. With VidCruiter and Checkr, your organization has access to a fast and reliable background screening process that is more convenient for both your applicants and your hiring team.


Type 8: Calendar Integration

With the Calendar Integration, members of your hiring team can have their personal online calendars automatically sync with VidCruiter’s calendar and interview scheduling system. Once their calendar has been integrated, your team members’ availabilities for interviews or other recruitment events within VidCruiter will be updated as they make changes in their personal calendars. If an event is scheduled in the VidCruiter platform, it will also appear in their personal calendar to help your team members stay organized and never overbook themselves.

There is no added cost for VidCruiter’s Calendar Integration with the following online calendars:


Type 9 : Job Board Integration

Every position that your team creates in VidCruiter has a unique link that can be shared and distributed to potential applicants through any channel that you choose.

To make it even easier for clients to distribute their available positions, VidCruiter has partnered with the following vendors to give clients convenient access to the top job boards on the market. When creating a position in the VidCruiter platform, your team has the option to automatically push it to multiple job boards without having to go manually set up a post in each one.


Type 10: Structured Interview Guide Partners

Although VidCruiter’s Structured Digital Interviews system is compatible with your organization’s existing interview guides, the following partners are available to create new or improved customized guides for your organization. VidCruiter’s partnerships with these industry leaders will help your organization build the perfect digital interview guides and rating scales and improve your odds of hiring the right candidate. Every interview guide that is designed for your organization will be built into the VidCruiter platform and will not require your team to use an external software.


Type 11: Electronic Signature Partner

VidCruiter has partnered with Adobe Sign, the industry’s leading e-signature provider, to enable digital signatures throughout the platform. With the Adobe Sign integration, all of your forms can be digitized and all of the signatures can be captured electronically. With VidCruiter and Adobe Sign, your entire recruitment and onboarding process will become more efficient and completely paperless.


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