Get Your Dream Job With these Candidate Tips

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Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking.

While you might be nervous the first time doing a digital interview, applicants quickly discover it’s a comfortable process. VidCruiter’s software is easy to use, accessible from any device, and the best way to receive a fair evaluation.

Here are some tips for job hunters hoping to land the perfect career.

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Do Your Research

Make sure you research the company you’re applying for and the job position. If you customize your application for the organization and show you took time to learn about the job, hiring managers will be more willing to spend time with you.

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Cover Letter

In a sea of job applicants, your cover letter is the first chance to make sure hiring managers remember you. Keep it short and concise, outline your strengths, and discuss your familiarity with the business. Things you want to avoid when writing a cover letter is being generic, having a dull or unprofessional tone, and having typographical mistakes.

Use Online Presence to Attract Employers to You

Businesses will be able to find you easily through an online recruitment software if you have a substantial presence on some of the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. You can also bring some other personal projects such as a blog or YouTube channel to the attention of the recruiter.

How to Beat the Recruitment System

If you’re applying to a company using an automated recruitment software, the first thing to read your resume will likely be a computer programmed to find specific keywords. To make sure your resume gets past this process, you should stick with the standard resume terms, add keywords that may be related to the position, and make sure you easily qualify for the job.

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Check Your Technology

Technical difficulties can ruin a live or pre-recorded video interview. To make sure there will be no issues in the recording or sound, check the internet connection, webcam, and microphone. Also, make sure you use a private WiFi network, all other browsers are closed, and no one else is on the same internet connection during the recording.

Treat Pre-Recorded Video Interviews as a Face-to-Face

Although these interviews aren’t live, trust the recruiting officer will scrutinize every second of your self-recorded video; from the way you answer questions to your facial expressions. Make sure you’re pretending the hiring manager is sitting right in front of you. Dress appropriately for the position and be professional.

Using a Resume to Stand Out

While the content of a resume must be your educational and employment background, a great resume needs more. Applicants use their resumes to sell themselves to employers. The best way of doing that is writing the resume from an employer’s point of view. Employers like to see accomplishments rather than tasks of a previous job. Instead of describing what you did in an earlier role, explain what you accomplished and how that helped the company.

Completing a Psychometric Exam Successfully

A psychometric exam can consist of two parts: the personality test, and the aptitude test. While the aptitude test includes numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning, most employers will be more interested in the personality test and your technical capability. When completing a psychometric exam, make sure you don’t rush through and never hesitate to ask the test administrator for clarity when you don’t understand a question.

How to Create a Video Resume

Video resumes are a great way to stand out from the competition. A lot of the same tips to create a print resume can be transferred over to a video resume. For example, you should avoid pronouns, speak in short sentences, and use plain English. Aim for no longer than five minutes and make sure you’re recording in an appropriate space.

Practice if You’re Uncomfortable

Before going into the video interview, familiarize yourself with your technology. If you spend 15 minutes practicing before starting, you’ll appear more natural and less awkward. Also make sure you have appropriate lighting, a blank wall behind you, and all other distractions such as cell phone notifications are off.

Test Your Equipment