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A Video Screening Software That Works for You

Spend Your Time Finding More Candidates

At VidCruiter, we are not biased. Whether you are hiring for one position, 100 positions, or even more, we have got you covered. Our fierce video screening software allows you to review as many applicants you want for as many positions as you need! With VidCruiter, you will no longer have to deal with the headache of handling a large number of applicants, so why not try to have as many people as possible apply? You can provide a great candidate experience by using the variety of ways we offer the applicants to easily apply to your position.

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Post Your Job Positions Wherever You Please

Your available options for reaching candidates with your open positions are limitless when you use our applicant tracking software. It does not matter if you post your positions privately or use more public platforms, such as social media, our video screening software will allow you to do anything you need. VidCruiter provides you with unique website links and QR codes for every one of your available positions. Your company can provide applicants with a variety of ways to apply, which allows you to post your positions more easily, in any way you would like.

Limitless Career Pages!

You can have VidCruiter start helping you with your recruitment process right from your company’s website. VidCruiter will help you create a career page with your company’s branding and have your positions automatically appear and be removed as they are opened and closed. There are no limits to the number of career pages your company can have, which will allow you to create unique career pages for any locations, departments, or different brands you may have. Our recruitment software tracking will streamline your recruitment process starting from your company’s website. VidCruiter’s incredible versatility makes it far more than just a video screening software.

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